Bus Argostoli bus timetable: Cheap coach tickets

The second option is recommended for travellers on a budget but is quite tiring and lengthy, taking 3 hours and 9 minutes, excluding wait times. Taking the bus for your transfer from Kefalonia airport to Skala is not that convenient. First of all, the travel duration is quite lengthy, especially after a long flight or if you are travelling with children. Secondly, seeing as you’ll need to change buses, that will add both effort and time to your trip. During summer, the busiest tourist time, buses connect Kefalonia Airport with argostoli bus timetable.

Once you reach Argostoli and get off there bus, you can remain at the same stop and look out for the next bus ride to Skala. There is no direct bus line from Kefalonia Airport to Skala, so you will need to take two buses to cover that route if you’re choosing public transport. The first KTEL from the airport to Argostoli costs €2, while the second bus from Argostoli to Skala costs €5, bringing the total cost to €7 per passenger.

The ferry runs every half hour from early morning until midnight. The bus will then make several stops until the final destination, either in Argostoli or Lixouri, Kefalonia. Make sure to communicate with the bus driver and confirm your final destination. There are buses every day that connect the city to all locations and vice versa. A rental car allows you to explore the plethora of captivating beaches Kefalonia boasts; cosmopolitan or secluded, organized or pristine, sandy or pebbly. Finally, you can contact your accommodation to find out if they offer a transfer service from the port. Read More Here https://lostvoyager.com/.

The total distance from Kefalonia airport to Skala is 30 kilometres and there are two transportation options available – a taxi or the bus. If you opt for a taxi, you will arrive at your destination in approximately 35 minutes. However, if you choose the bus, you can expect to arrive in 3 hours and 9 minutes, not including waiting times.

Sami is on the east of the island and there are ferries departing for mainland Greece and Italy from here. To us, it did seem a little more “resorty” but it was still worth a visit. It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to drive from Argostoli to Fiskardo. There is plenty of beautiful scenery on the way so you might want to save some time to stop off.

Welcome Pickups offers meet and greet services and a friendly introduction to Kefalonia at the same price as a regular taxi. As an alternative to flying it is possible to take a coach from London to Athens or Thessaloniki. It is rarely cheaper than a standby flight and takes 4 days instead of 4 hours- but its a chance to see Munich, Belgrade and other fine bus terminals on route. The peaceful village of Svaronata is just a few kilometres south of Argostoli.

There are two transportation options for reaching Skala from Kefalonia airport. One is to hop on a Kefalonia taxi and the other is to opt for a combined bus trip with a change in Argostoli. With the first choice, you save time by arriving in 35 minutes.

Depending on the summer month there are usually 2 buses per day from Katelios to Skala, if I remember right . Drogarati caves and Melissani lake are usually visited together. If you have access to a car, you can reach them from Argostoli in around minutes. Many people opt for the guided tour option that includes both sites in one day trip. Companies like GETYOURGUIDE and VIATOR offer decent packages. If you visit during peak season, there can be crowds so it may be better to go early in the morning if possible.

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