New Glarry Professional GIB Electric 5 String Bass Guitar

Electronically all seemed in order – it’s a simple wiring harness, the soldering looked quite neat and the pots are freely rotating and with a nice amount of resistance. However, after reassembling the bass I found the tone control no longer worked. After some poking about with a screwdriver I found the cap on the tone pot had one leg touching the wire to the volume knob – the post are quite small and the legs are quite close together. I probably bent it a little bit whilst removing the plate, so I bent it back into position and all was fine again.

Bottom line, if you get lucky and get a good one, it’s okay. Get a bad one and you will have to return it or fix it. This is where the bass guitar gets its highest marks as it still is an insane value for players who just don’t have access to a better instrument.

The body is a very pretty off-white and the paint is perfect. The bass’s body is basswood, and feels a bit light but sustain is good and I’ll probably be thankful for the lightness. The bolt-on neck could have used an additional buffing for smoothness, but is certainly no problem to play.

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It’s been great for learning and I’ll probably stick with her for another year as i get better and figure out what my needs are. Instruments in this price range are best seen as something to spend some time working on, or simply as a platform for modification. If you enjoy doing that kind of thing, you’ll have fun and can end up with something decent.

I raised the action on each string, and then tuned them with a clip on tuner. I adjusted the intonation and got it perfect on every string. Over all it took me about 15 minutes; including following the guide and double checking my work. The neck is unvarnished and feels rough to the touch.

I’m curious if anyone here has actually purchased one of these. I’ve seen a couple bassists on YouTube talk about them, but there all sponsored. I’m not looking to buy one, im just curious if the hype is real. The majority of bolt-neck instruments I’ve worked on either already have, or benefit from a shim at the back of the pocket.

This is where the bass gets its highest points, and for players who just do not have access to a decent instrument, it is still an incredible value. So, if you do not have lots of money to invest in something that will last you your whole life, Glarry Bass would be a decent choice. It can give a strong tone, sustain, and great intonation, and all these are provided by the adjustable bridge. Fretwire with high-tensile strength guarantees reliability and smooth playability.

Some said the neck reminded them of a P Bass which was not necessarily a bad thing. But again, in almost every case the neck was noted as being heavy. This causes the bass to be imbalanced and sometimes to tip towards the neck when playing. But as noted by several reviewers, this wasn’t a big deal that could be easily corrected by simply wearing a strap that held the bass in place. One reviewer showed the bass being played using a strap made of cloth which prevented the bass from sliding around on his shoulder. – the hands-down leading forum for bass guitar players.